How did you prepare for your role as George Harrison in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story?

Justin Long: Paul Rudd and I holed up in his hotel room the day before poring over Beatles docs. We were so nervous - it was such a daunting task to play the Beatles (even though it was a comedic movie) - we wanted to respect how sacred they are. Jason Shwartzman called his room and told us he was freaking out. One of those guys said they had run into Jack Black the day before and asked him if he was nervous (to play Paul). Jack said, “no, dude, I got it. Just watch ‘Hard Days Night’!” We were so nervous Jack would come in and blow us all away. It was one of the most fun days of my life. I ran into George’s son Dani years later and he said really nice things about my performance. I almost cried. It was a special, surreal moment for me. Especially since Dani looks and sounds exactly like George, my favorite member of my favorite band #NameDroppyStory.

- From Justin Long’s reddit AMA

Too bad he couldn’t spell Dhani right. But it is a cute story.

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You know, we did this great, funny press release with quotes about (the band), and it said, ‘Here comes the son’ - Vogue. ‘Here comes the son’ - Elle. Most people who write about you label you, and it’s easy to go for certain things. It’s hard to talk about ideas or what the industry is doing or all the fun stuff, because people don’t really know about it, or want to.

“I just try to make it difficult for people to make it look like I’m just another kid of (the Beatles).

Dhani Harrison excerpt talks about when the pun ‘Here Comes The Son’ is mentioned & the comparisons to George, from an interview ‘Dhani Harrison finds fulfillment in music and film’ (x)

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Sorry but Pattie Boyd was way better

I’m afraid I don’t understand…

Let the rehearsals begin.

- from the two’s FB page

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Anonymous: Can you please post some recent pictures of dhani

Well, the best I can do is to link you to the two’s IG page.

Dhani’s a private person so the only pictures you can really get of him that are recent are released there, or are from public events… which he doesn’t often go to.

So after Georgefest and Conan appearances, we should get a whole new slosh of recent pics. 

Sorry I can’t do any better. :/

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Dhani Harrison appreciation post.

"If you are a family butcher, serving customers since 1870, no one goes, ‘Oh, I’m not sure if their steak is as good as their dad’s’,” says Dhani Harrison. He is smiling broadly, amused by the notion of ordering a prime cut from Beatle & Son. “In almost any profession, even if you’re the kid of an actor, people are very supportive and want to see the next generation.

“It’s like, ‘Go Michael Douglas! Have a great career!’ But in music, for some reason, people tend to be very skeptical. It’s funny, because music is one of those things it is natural to go into. You hear it so much growing up, it kind of permeates you and eventually you spew out some music of your own.”

telegragh times uk

So better buy your tickets on the 17th, guys! A venue move means that it’s going to be a really popular show.

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"The Project

To celebrate the release of The Apple Years 1968-75 box set, Olivia & Dhani Harrison are giving filmmakers the opportunity to make a music video for one of George Harrison’s most loved songs, ‘What Is Life’.

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"Conan" to celebrate George Harrison for one week starting 22 September

"TBS late night talker “Conan,” hosted by Conan O’Brien and airing in the Monday to Thursday 11 p.m. ET hour, will honor the late George Harrison the week of Sept. 22 with performances by Beck, Norah Jones, Dhani Harrison and others. The celebration will coincide with the release of “George Harrison: The Apple Years 1968-75,” a reissue of his first six solo albums." - x

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Happy Birthday James Louis McCartney (September 12, 1977)