George Harrison and Dhani Harrison

My Dad didn’t like to see people upset. He hated it when people weren’t happy when they could be.
Dhani Harrison on his father George

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Hey guys! Well, apparently the internet is down at the home I’m staying at for awhile, so updates will be sparse-ish. I’m actually using Wi-Fi in an internet cafe just to tell you this. 

For updates outside of this blog, please check out the Dhani Harrison tag, thenewno2 tag, FB and Instagram in the meantime. I’ll be back to full blogging about midway through August, for my family vacation starts just as soon as I get back from my European study abroad.


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From David Washington’s Instagram, 19 July 2014:

"With Dhani Harrison @ the wedding of the year in Nantucket! His suits are exceptional but his personality and kindness wins out!!!" [x

Anonymous: What are your thoughts about the George Harrison memorial tree being destroyed by beetles?

I actually found it kind of funny? I don’t know if I’d call it irony, but there is something so great about how it was worded that I just chuckle.

I bet wherever George is, he’s laughing too.

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Back to work .. Happy Monday to all the twos out there. If you look closely you may spot something PH and I have been working on for the past few months.

- from the two’s FB/Instagram page

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Full version of One Way Out by thenewno2

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Peace & love from Dhani

Anonymous: If dhani had a daughter and followed icelandic tradition it'd be something like Dhanisdottir or Dhanisson (son is added if it's a son and dottir of it's a daughter) but it wouldn't be Harry Dhanisson because traditionally it makes no sense, if they followed icelandic tradition (which they probably won't) it'd be either Dhanisson or Dhanisdottir, because Iceland doesn't have Surnames, you take your fathers name and add a different suffix to the end of it, of it makes sense what I'm saying

Thank you, extremely informative anon! =D =D

I would have posted this sooner, but it happened to be four in the morning in Spain and I wanted to go to bed.

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