Someone in the anon messages gave me this link for a better look at the Dhani - Alice tattoo. Well, I do have to say it’s the best we’ve gotten so far. Unless someone can get a close up photo, I say this is the best we got, and I’m quite pleased with it!

- Kelsey <3

Anonymous: What I love most about thenewno2 fans and Dhani fans, is that we're all agreeable with each other, and we don't have anything rude to say about one another or any of the members

I have noticed that we are spectacularly polite. I’ve never heard a rude word to a fan, to a moderator, to the rest of the band members, or even Sola, Dhani’s wife. Other fandoms are so horrible to girlfriends. You guys are so mature. Hell, even if you have something mean to say, you keep it to yourself, like a respectful person! Good job, all around. 

- Kelsey <3

Anonymous: I'm still in fan bliss over lastnight :) we sure did get all wirled up

I’m not understating it, but BEST FANDOM EVER. 

And you better believe that whomever gets to the bottom of the tricep tattoo mystery will be a superstar on this blog.

- Kelsey <3

musicsproutsimagination: I just have to say it. Between the new instagram pictures and last night's conversation, I've never seen such a turnaround in a fandom happen so quickly. I'm really proud to be part of this experience.

I’m telling you, activity in the DH and nn2 fandom is the best thing ever. I think it’s the anticipation that’s really helping things along. I can’t wait until the other shoe drops and there’s a big announcement. 

- Kelsey <3

Anonymous: They posted Jonathan :3 ahh

Hey, if anyone plays guitar and has about $1000 to spare, you can have a guitar signed by Dhani Harrison himself.
So… rich followers… jump on that.

- Kelsey <3

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funeralofmymotivation: I've never seen a fandom "coming alive" so quickly. It makes me really happy! I'm very excited for that new album (if they're actually making one) :3

I’ll say it again, last night was so much fun! I think having one of your favorite bands starting to get active is such an exciting feeling. I mean, hopefully they’re doing something again…

- Kelsey <3

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