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Never Too Late - thenewno2 “Never Too Late” is originally from the ‘Beautiful Creatures’ film soundtrack


June 2006 Sir George Martin with Olivia and Dhani Harrison at the gala premiere of Beatles LOVE by Cirque Du Soleil at The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada


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Dhani - GQ Magazine / Part 2


GQ: Good memory. I can only imagine you knew what you were getting into when you signed on to work with Scorsese. He’s legendarily obsessive about his projects. 
Dhani Harrison: I mean, he’s Martin Scorsese. Him and David Tedeschi, the editor [who also cut No Direction Home], both went and started meditating as a way to try and get to the core of the subject. They stuck with that. I think it’s beneficial for everyone. 
[Dhani interrupts the conversation to attend his dog Edison.]
Sorry my dog’s got a squeaky toy that’s really annoying. [To the dog] No squeaky toy for this interview, Edison.

GQ: No worries. So you were talking about working with Scorcese.
Dhani Harrison: So, I got to know him a little bit. He keeps it very true. He’s a stickler. He’s completely obsessive-compulsive. And you can see that. My mom’s completely obsessive-compulsive. So they got on like a house on fire. A bunch of OCD people who are extremely talented doing this extreme job of archiving all the footage and everything.




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August 26, 1992 – Britain’s animated children’s television show Bunbury Tails airs. George contributes a song to the show called ‘Ride Raj Bun’  about an Indian rabbit. George and Ravi Shankar play sitar while Dhani Harrison does the vocals.

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